Statistical data on the incidence of respiratory diseases in the Ostróda District

Aktualizacja: 25 November 2015

The analysis of statistical data from PZOZ w Ostródzie S.A. (the District Healthcare Complex in Ostróda) shows that in 2012 there were 200 patients hospitalised due to COPD, 33 bronchial (respiratory) diseases correlated with smoking (as confirmed in an interview with patients), and a very large number (43) of hospitalisations due to malignant bronchial and lung cancers. In total, 562 patients were hospitalised for respiratory diseases and cancers within this precinct, per 546 patients hospitalised on this ward, which accounts for 6.96%.

According to statistical data, the Ostróda District is the region with the highest risk of mortality due to smoking-related disorders, including, in particular, respiratory diseases and cancers. On a national scale, the District ranks 374 (Table 1), which forms a basis and justification for appropriate measures in this regard.



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