About the Project

Aktualizacja: 26 November 2015

The Project’s main objective:

Preventing the smoking-related incidence of, and mortality from, respiratory diseases by improving their early detection rates and promoting awareness of the harmful impact of smoking in the Ostróda District.

The Project’s goal is to be achieved through the accomplishment of its specific goals:

  • Increasing awareness among at least 1500 residents of the Ostróda District as to the harmful effects of smoking and the methods of the prevention and treatment of smoking addiction, which will also include the dissemination of knowledge on COPD, its risk factors, and its health and social impacts. This is to be achieved by means of two conferences, a training course for 30 nurses, motivational workshops, and therapeutic rehabilitation camps for 150 programme participants, in addition to publicity campaigns in the press, on the radio, and on local television.
  • The early detection of COPD and other smoking-related diseases in a group of 1500 people, improving access to specialist treatment of smoking addiction and pulmonary diseases by providing 9500 diagnostic tests and 1500 medical consultations.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment of smoking-related diseases, in particular respiratory diseases in patients addicted to smoking, by providing 200 pneumococcal vaccinations for adults.
  • Encouraging and motivating 100 project participants to give up smoking through participation in a rehabilitation camp for smokers.
  • Reducing the number of so-called passive smokers by promoting awareness of the effects of smoking among the project’s target group and, given the popularity of this topic, among medical personnel, on the project’s website and the entire local community of the Ostróda District.
  • Training 30 nurses in the treatment of the tobacco addiction complex.
  • Training 50 project participants in the negative effects of cigarette smoking and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The target group:

1500 active smokers aged 35-65, who have not been diagnosed with a respiratory disease, and reside on a permanent basis in the Ostróda District.

The invitation mode:

  • An invitation to participate in the Programme will be published on www.powiat.ostroda.pl, and the project’s website.
  • Posters and leaflets with details about the Programme will be distributed in public utility locations, including District-controlled healthcare centres, pharmacies, and bulletin boards.
  • Announcements in churches.
  • Radio and TV programmes in the local media.
  • Press publications on the Programme.
  • A project kick-off conference.

Participants will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis and entered onto a database following a survey procedure.

Preventive examinations:

Three stages of examinations are to take place within the Programme:

  • The 1st stage, to be participated in by 1500 people, will offer CBC, microbiological tests, CRP, ESR, spirometry, and x-rays of the lungs.
  • At the 2nd stage, from a 1500-member group, physicians will select 500 people with indications for including a CT scan of the chest in their diagnostic examinations.
  • At the 3rd stage, from a 1500-member group, physicians will select 200 people with indications for pneumococcal vaccination.

Anti-smoking therapy:

  • 7-day psychological rehabilitation camps with anti-smoking therapy for 100 people to be selected by a physician during consultations.
  • Stationary therapy – motivational workshops “Thanks, but I don’t smoke!” for 50 people who will prove they are motivated enough to give up the addiction.

In order to motivate and encourage potential participants to join the project, a psychological and anti-smoking rehabilitation camp has been planned for 100 people to be selected by a physician during consultations. Everyone at the camp will be provided with food and accommodation, 24/7 medical assistance, a medical examination, circulatory and respiratory exercises, access to a rehabilitation swimming pool, inhalations and psychotherapy, group meetings, an insurance policy, psychological care, etc. The camp will take 7 days.

A stationary form of therapy has also been planned – motivational workshops “Thanks, but I don’t smoke!” run by suitably qualified medical staff. The Applicant is also planning to conduct 10 hours of motivational workshops on smoking prevention for 50 people who will agree to participate and undergo preventive medical examinations in the programme.

The planned number of preventive examinations:

  • 200 pneumococcal vaccinations.
  • 9500 diagnostic tests.
  • 1500 medical consultations.

Project implementation period: March 2015 – April 2016.

Project beneficiaries: the residents of the Ostróda District.

Project value: PLN 1 273 161.00

Co-financing received for: 100% of the project value

Projekt finansowany ze środków Norweskiego Mechanizmu Finansowego 2009-2014 oraz budżetu państwa
w ramach Programu PL13 "Ograniczanie społecznych nierówności w zdrowiu"